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The role of brick and mortar has shifted. As interaction decreases, the role your physical site plays in brand identity increases.

But, as we know, the larger the network, the bigger this challenge becomes. How do you get all of your teams on the same page? Is marketing talking to facilities? Is facilities talking to retail?

 The short answer: no. Stop relying on super complicated spreadsheets. Stop pouring through emails and navigating clunky intranets.

 Adrenaline has developed a tool that manages all elements of your retail experience in one location – easy to see, easy to use. That tool is Adrenaline Management Platform. We call it AMP. AMP grants you visibility and control over every detail of your retail environments across your network.

 At its most simple, AMP does three things: Retail Management, Communication and Reporting.

 Strategize, design, produce, install and manage all your physical signage and digital screens as well as all the content within it.

 Store interactive floor plans, marketing and branding collateral, and facilities information to allow access to each location’s retail elements from one central hub. 

 Track and manage work orders across multiple partners.  

 Manage retail information across all of your locations with best-in-class reporting capabilities. 

 AMP’s Retail Campaign Management tool facilitates the entire marketing process, from Planning to Production to Execution with validation through simple, easy-to-read dashboards. 

 Through AMP, a location manager can place orders for merchandising, IT, facility needs and marketing materials, and then follow the status of each request. Control everything. Monitor everything. 

 Now facilities gain visibility into the real conditions of each location  The a Site Health Index gives your team the control to rate sites by an array of specified standards . This comparison tool ranks your sites against national standards. 

 You can even manage refresh and renovation projects by program components. 

Go digital to manage your physical retail experience, using AMP to facilitate and collaborate seamlessly between locations and team members. You can also control the content and its distribution across physical signage and digital displays.

 AMP will streamline processes, increase visibility and open new channels of communication.

 There is only one AMP on the market today. Easy to see, easy to use.

 Contact us for a demo today.

Customizing Content

With Adrenaline Management Platform (AMP), we give clients complete control of their retail networks to create unique branch experiences. It puts the power of choice and customization back into your hands, regardless of the type of content within your system.

Big Data Made Easy

AMP provides data capture on the branch level, with robust reporting capabilities and manipulation tools accessing the big data housed within the system. Designed to leverage a constantly evolving data set, store staff become empowered by their ability to access and maintain the information. 

Enhancing Everything

This system brings confidence in knowing that information being displayed is accurate and true. And because of this high level of quality data, more informed decisions are made when it comes to branch facilities maintenance, marketing distribution, tablet app content management, exterior signage tracking, and security and IT matters. This enhanced efficiency helps those responsible for the branch experience make communications that much clearer. 

Future Proofed

AMP operates within a cycle of continuous improvement. It relies on its partners to provide feedback and suggestions to bring about platform enhancements and better ways to serve an ever-growing ecosystem. It’s a system that’s always evolving, always informed and always an asset for any retail network.

Wanna Learn More?

For more info, or to request a demo, contact Kevin Burson at kburson@adrenalineshot.com

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